NYC karate world! What’s new?
    Hey! New Yorkers and NYC karate enthusiasts! Unlock your hidden talents with Igor Dyachenko’s methods of karate ...
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Superhero Karate Kids at Karate City in NYC
      In NYC, kids at Karate City become Superheroes. Every child dreams of being a superhero. ...
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About Karate city

At Karate City we have created a movement. Bringing together the top specialists in sports physiology, psychology, nutrition, neuroscience, and early childhood development to unlock the infinite potential within.

We aim to assist in the development of expanding individuals to become limitless, healthy, confident and successful. We motivate and have created an atmosphere where we hope to effect a greater change and make the world a more loving place

We are educating our students to make ethical and proactive decisions in their lives. We teach our students a method of Karate by using a professionally designed athletic program that is inspired by some of the worlds most prestigious and competitive athletes and coaches.

We are promoting the civilized Olympic Sport of Karate. Which is regulated by the largest international governing body of sports karate called the World Karate Federation (WKF) which is a of member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) affirming karate to Olympic sports status

Our on site karate center is located on West 60th Street just steps away from Columbus Circle on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. We train Adults, Children and families in small groups or private sessions with our unique and world class karate techniques. We provide workshops for self-defense, flexibility, and strength training. Karate City is a non-profit organization that is supporting children in need We provide the kids with inspiration, guidance, affective decision making skills and mentorship.

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about Igor Dyachenko

Igor Dyachenko is the heart and soul of Karate City. His journey from the average child to World Champion, in some eyes, has been a hero’s journey to say the least.


There have been many triggering decisions that required exceptional focus and fortitude to make him the individual he is today. He is a true supporter of an activated early childhood development and believes kids should be engaged as early possible.

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1841 Broadway, Rm. 205 New York, NY 10023
Email: info@karatecity.org