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UWS private schools : In karate, there are several substyles. When it comes to martial arts, karate has a rich history. As a student masters the form they put their own elements into it. Masters then go on to create a new style of karate. Kyokushin is one of these substyles of karate. Here we explore how Kyokushin differs from other karate styles.


Kyokushin karate


Many people think karate is simply one sport, but there are a number of karate styles. Some have become more popular than others. One of these prevalent styles is Kyokushin karate. A hard style of combat, Kyokushin karate uses moves to simulate real combat. 

The founder, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, developed the form during the 1930s. The sport has one of the largest karate organizations in the world, the Kyokushinkaikan.


Differences between Kyokushin and Shotokan


In Karate City, we teach Shotokan karate, which is a popular sport worldwide. But how does this compare to Kyokushin karate? Here we explore the main differences between the two styles.


Shotokan karate


  • Light contact
  • Strikes to head and body but not lower body
  • Points for clean strikes
  • Focus on kata rather than sparring


Kyokushin karate


  • Full-contact
  • Strikes to all parts of the body but not the head
  • Points for knockdown or knock out
  • Sparring is a focus instead of kata


The two styles of karate may look similar, but as you can see from above, there are many differences. Kyokushin is a harder style of combat. Shotokan does involve contact, but it is light and done with control. During the competition, fighters get points for clean strikes. In Kyokushin bouts, the winner has to knock down or knock out their opponent.


When it comes to the best karate style for kids, Shotokan is a top choice. Because it uses light contact, it is an excellent introduction to martial arts training. Kata or set routines of movements help children to learn techniques. A dojo that allows kids to learn through focus but also fun is essential. UWS private schools