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Trilingual schools Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Trilingual schools Midtown West : When it comes to martial arts, Karate and Aikido are prevalent sports. With many people taking part around the world, both of these forms have similarities. However, there are some differences between Aikido and karate, so here we explore them. 


Differences between karate and Aikido


If you observe someone doing Aikido and then someone practicing karate, you may think they look similar. Some movements may look the same, but the martial arts also have differences. 


Differences include:


  • Aikido uses the original concept for training, to kill an opponent
  • Karate uses punches and kicks to develop strength
  • Aikido moves begin with training in a square formation
  • Karate training moves on to developing technique and mental strength


Many observers think that Aikido is a passive martial art. However, the sport is from the original concept of killing an opponent. In this way, it is a high-risk sport in the wrong hands. Executing moves incorrectly carries a high risk of injury.


Karate students begin training by learning punches and kicks. Practicing kata, a routine of movements, implant these moves into the mind as a result. As the training develops more strength, mindfulness 


comes into play. It can take a long time for a student to achieve a high-level in karate. It is because training involves more than just punching and kicking. Philosophies behind the practice and training the mind are also part of karate.


Both karate and aikido share some similarities. In Aikido, a student begins to learn moves in a rigid formation. As they progress, there is more relaxation and development of the spirit within the sport. 


Which one is best? 


The answer to this question can be complicated. Both sports offer high levels of physical activity, which provides many benefits. If you are looking for the best martial arts for kids, then karate may be more suitable. Aikido can have some very technical moves. If done incorrectly, there is a risk of injury. Trilingual schools Midtown West