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Kids Martial Arts After School Classes NYC

Kids Martial Arts After School Classes NYC : Underprivileged Children Are Being Inspired

Kids Martial Arts After School Classes NYC: We at Karate City are all about helping others through our kids’ martial arts school. Our mission is to impact millions of underprivileged kids positively. We aim to elevate awareness in NYC and around the world. Our goal is to help and inspire our students so that they choose more meaningful and productive lives.

We are educating our students to help them make more ethical and proactive decisions. We teach our method of Karate by using a professionally designed athletic program. This program gains inspiration from the world’s most prestigious and competitive athletes and their coaches.

Karate City offers a range of karate programs including kids and family programs, as well as family bonding karate classes. Karate City is an initiative that encourages children to find and develop the best version of themselves, through karate.

Kids Martial Arts After School Classes NYC


Above all, we assist our students in discovering their unique talents. We teach them how to build upon their strengths as well as their weaknesses. The benefits to the child stretch far beyond the karate classroom, benefiting the future of local communities.


We aim to expand the development of individuals to become limitless, healthy, and confident, as well as successful. Children quickly build self-respect while receiving physical, emotional, and mental education. Karate training for children is hugely beneficial and encourages children to take the opportunities that present themselves throughout their life.


We motivate children through an atmosphere where we hope to create substantial change. This change will help make the world a happier and more loving place.


Karate Neuropsychology


Karate City instructors use techniques based on Neuropsychology. Neuropsychology is the organization of mental processes in the brain. Our karate classes stimulate these mental processes, and this promotes early childhood development.


Neuropsychology techniques also help children who may be experiencing certain conditions. These conditions include early fatigue and speech disorders, as well as impaired memory, logic, and attention. If you notice that your child is not coping with school or kindergarten, then Karate City can help.


Neuropsychology correction will improve your child’s memory, problem-solving, attention, and focus, as well as their patience. Problem-solving, clear thinking, learning, and decision making will also improve.


Kids Martial Arts After School Classes NYC


Igor Dyachenko is the heart and soul of Karate City. His journey from the average child to World Champion, in some eyes, has been a hero’s journey to say the least.

There have been many triggering decisions that required exceptional focus and fortitude to make him the individual he is today. He is a true supporter of an activated early childhood development and believes kids should be engaged as early possible.

Here are the pivotal decisions and opportunities that shaped his life, guided by his loving father and biggest fan.


/ 4 years old: “The Effect of Neuroscience”


Igor was first introduced to karate in a coloring book his father Serge gave him. Even in his early childhood, he was surrounded with karate equipment and books explaining various martial arts, sports, philosophy, and sports physiology. Igor remembers books piled up to the ceiling and looking up at them as a small child, counting over 100.


/ 6 years old: “Karate is Health”


In Chernobyl, after the disaster, Igor’s father worked half of each month as a scientist. In order to improve his own mental and physical health, Serge began practicing Karate and led Igor to the idea that “karate is health,” and not just physical health, but emotional and spiritual as well. Serge instilled within Igor the importance of learning the right way from the first day and that believing in mediocrity is a mindset that is not healthy.

At the time, however, Karate was banned in the Soviet Union. In Kiev, at the time there was only one class––an adult class. Serge brought Igor to class with him anyway. Witnessing Igor’s concentration and enthusiasm, the instructor decided to enlist Igor as an official student, and treated him as an equal to the adults. Because of this, Igor learned the importance of committing and being fully engaged.


/ 7 years old: “ The First Day of School”  


Through Karate, Igor was already on the path of effective learning, even upon entering regular school. He thought of his first teacher as a robot, who was conditioning her students to become simply average––the opposite from what he experienced in his Karate classes in terms of emotional and physical sophistication. He decided to rebel against his teacher’s educating style. That decision solidified his commitment to learning through Karate.


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/ 8 years old: “The Vision”


Igor had a vision. It wasn’t purely imagination. He knew it would be his future. He began to develop his teaching methodologies at this age. He recalls having an innate knowledge of the early childhood mind and perception. At 8, Igor knew that there was nothing else except Karate. He already had his goals for the future set in place.


/ 10 years old: “Making Lemonade from Lemons”


When Igor was 10, it was a monumental time in Ukraine for Karate. During this time, Igor participated in the first competition in which he was forced to face against 12-year old children. There was a moment during the competition when his nose got broken. He felt devastated. But then something changed, and Igor began to use his karate legs and won. After that victory, Igor was told he was “The Prodigy of Ukrainian karate.”

Igor Dyachenko Martial Arts After School Classes NYC

What is Karate and The World Karate Federation ?

Karate is a constantly evolving sport. It is in its nature to change and grow with the times. Karate is one of the most most compressive and complete sports. It practices safety and civility.

There are over 10,000,000 federated members of the World Karate Federation (WKF) in over 194 countries across the globe. Now an official Olympic Sport, Karate will be recognized by the world at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.
It is easy and simple to practice anywhere. Karate is considered to be the sport with the brightest future. It contributes many positive benefits to society and the planet as a whole. Karate is one of the therapeutic disciplines that is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) which helps individuals to overcome illnesses that have emotional affects by boosting self esteem and working the body through coordinated movement. Kids Martial Arts After School Classes NYC


Karate community and famous sportsmen support us worldwide

Rafael Aghayev (AZE) 5x World Karate Champion
Haldun Alagas (TUR) 2 x World Karate Champion
Alisa Buchinger (AUS) World Karate Champion
Sergey Tsoy (RUS) President of Russian Karate Federation
Alejandro Castro (VEN) Head Coach, Venezuela Karate
David Dubo Firmani (CHL) World Karate Champion
Sergii Levchuk (UKR) President of Ukrainian Karate Federation
Tokey Hill (USA) Head Coach, USA Karate


Karate City brings the world the most modern style of learning and teaching karate.

Tarik Lakehal, International Karate Champion, International Model
Tarik Lakehal, International Karate Champion, Model.
Director of Strategy at American Express

I can say with certainty that Igor Dyachenko sets a new bar for quality in karate training!

Michel Deschodt, Ridge Vineyards, Retail Sales Lead.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Karate City initiative is amazing: the importance of sport for kids cannot be underestimated.

Denis Saklakov, North American Homes, Partner
Denis Saklakov, North American Homes, Partner.
Director of Strategy at American Express

He has helped thousands of kids and adults become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Mariko Enkoji-Busch, The Actors Theater Workshop
Mariko Enkoji-Busch, The Actors Theater Workshop.
Director of Strategy at American Express

I increased my stamina and discovered new limits I did not know I could achieve.

Maximilian Feil, American Express - Director of Strategy
Maximilian Feil, American Express – Director of Strategy.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Igor is a true gentleman and virtuoso of karate. I’ve been blessed to train with him!

Sean McAuley, Managing Director. Tullett Prebon Llc
Sean McAuley, Director. Tullett Prebon Llc.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Great place to get in shape. Personalized approach and amazing attention to details.

Dr. David J. Poiman, NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry
Dr. David J. Poiman, NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Karate City teaches kids discipline and how to focus in order to make steady process.

Elliot Bogod, President at Broadway Realty
Elliot Bogod, President at Broadway Realty.
Director of Strategy at American Express
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