Self-defense, strategy, and tactics all form a part of karate and your child’s private training. This karate class orientates itself towards the techniques and style used in Olympic Kumite. The program is suitable if your child wants to feel confident when they need to defend themselves. It is also appropriate for those children who like to be competitive and enter tournaments.


The Kumite techniques are powerful and effective and will help in any self-defense situation. However, the rules of Kumite significantly reduces the risk of injury to your child. Our class teaches your child how to control their strength because the goal isn’t to hurt or injure the opponent.


During national and Olympic competitions, warnings and point deductions deter those who break the rules. The karateka earns points for successfully using techniques, gaining one, two, or three points. With us, your child will be learning self-defense in a safe manner that replicates a real-life situation.


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