How do students progress through belts?
Our revolutionary ranking system allows every student to make progress at their own pace, the system solves a lot of conventional problems with training such is motivation, goal setting, attendance, and discipline VS the conventional system of ranking and training which haven’t been changed for over 40 years.
How is the training individualized?

Our instructors pay attention to a large number of variables for each student, the tips and suggestions are based on students needs, it’s not easy to find the instructor like this,  that is why every of our instructors is a highly skilled world-class professional who actually can do that. The instructors after each training give our students a home work, so they could be prepared for the next class better. That’s is why our classes are all small groups, semi-private or private.

What’s the difference between the various martial arts ?
At the highest level of learning and teaching we look at most of the sports and martial arts as very similar discipline. It all depends with whom you are training and learning from, what your goals are and how fast you would like to achieve them. In Karate City our goals are pretty ambitious and yet exiting, we are aiming to achieve highest level of performance, longevity, happiness and healthy habits. Working collectively to make karate the #1 sport in the world.
So far, the World Karate Federation has grown the sport of karate to the status of the Olympic sport. Karate will be featured in Tokyo 2020 Olympics because of the safe nature of the sport and regulations to attract more youth to participate in this multicultural, civilized and global sport.
What is the best thing about learning Karate?

Karate can and should be practiced by everyone, anywhere, at any age, skill of physical level. You gain the tools to be able to control yourself, environment and others better for longer, healthier and more meaningful life.

Why kids should practice Karate ?

The kids should take on Igor Dyachenko’s program because his methodology is scientifically proven to help children to gain healthy habits (the earlier the better), children get confidence by being placed in structured, professional environment where they learn to understand the learning processes and most importantly they they know what to expect from each training, so they open up more to the environment, their class mates, the teachers and most importantly to the new opportunities which lead to increase of self regime and confidence.

Also, the children learn unparalleled skills of self-defense which are tested by the most elite Athletes in the world of combat sports.

The children and adults benefits are pretty brought and wide, basically you get physical, mental, emotional education from A-Z in one place.
How often the kids should take the class in a week ?

For the starters, we recommend to to take 2 classes per week for the toddlers (ages 2.5-4) and everyone else 2-3 time per week. Once the student get accustomed to the routine we recommend to upgrade to more classes.

What is the appropriate age for starting Karate lesson ?

We believe that the earlier you start with karate the better. Parents are encouraged to instill healthy habits as early as 1 year of age. For our full time program we offer classes starting at age of 2.5.

How to motivate your toddler/ young kid ?

We hear you. First and for most create a positive image of karate for your child before attending the inspirational intro lesson. And we will take it from there.

Can parents take classes with their children ?

Yes, it the core philosophy of our center. We believe in parents example setting and we have perfectly crafted program and classes for the parents and children (5+) to train together.

How much do the classes cost ?

Our small group training lessons are on average $56 per class. You rate will depend on the number of the classes and the length of the program. The more you committed the more you win.

What are the age groups ?
Out center accommodates the following age groups:
2.5-4 years old
4-7 years old
7-13 years old
All ages for adults
How long is each class ?

Each classes is 60 minutes long.

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About Karate city

At Karate City we have created a movement. Bringing together the top specialists in sports physiology, psychology, nutrition, neuroscience, and early childhood development to unlock the infinite potential within.

We aim to assist in the development of expanding individuals to become limitless, healthy, confident and successful. We motivate and have created an atmosphere where we hope to effect a greater change and make the world a more loving place

We are educating our students to make ethical and proactive decisions in their lives. We teach our students a method of Karate by using a professionally designed athletic program that is inspired by some of the worlds most prestigious and competitive athletes and coaches.

We are promoting the civilized Olympic Sport of Karate. Which is regulated by the largest international governing body of sports karate called the World Karate Federation (WKF) which is a of member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) affirming karate to Olympic sports status

Our on site karate center is located on West 52nd Street just steps away from Columbus Circle on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. We train Adults, Children and families in small groups or private sessions with our unique and world class karate techniques. We provide workshops for self-defense, flexibility, and strength training. Karate City is a non-profit organization that is supporting children in need We provide the kids with inspiration, guidance, affective decision making skills and mentorship.

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about Igor Dyachenko

Igor Dyachenko is the heart and soul of Karate City. His journey from the average child to World Champion, in some eyes, has been a hero’s journey to say the least.


There have been many triggering decisions that required exceptional focus and fortitude to make him the individual he is today. He is a true supporter of an activated early childhood development and believes kids should be engaged as early possible.

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Karate City brings the world the most modern style of learning and teaching karate.

Tarik Lakehal, International Karate Champion, International Model
Tarik Lakehal, International Karate Champion, Model.
Director of Strategy at American Express

I can say with certainty that Igor Dyachenko sets a new bar for quality in karate training!

Michel Deschodt, Ridge Vineyards, Retail Sales Lead.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Karate City initiative is amazing: the importance of sport for kids cannot be underestimated.

Denis Saklakov, North American Homes, Partner
Denis Saklakov, North American Homes, Partner.
Director of Strategy at American Express

He has helped thousands of kids and adults become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Mariko Enkoji-Busch, The Actors Theater Workshop
Mariko Enkoji-Busch, The Actors Theater Workshop.
Director of Strategy at American Express

I increased my stamina and discovered new limits I did not know I could achieve.

Maximilian Feil, American Express - Director of Strategy
Maximilian Feil, American Express – Director of Strategy.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Igor is a true gentleman and virtuoso of karate. I’ve been blessed to train with him!

Sean McAuley, Managing Director. Tullett Prebon Llc
Sean McAuley, Director. Tullett Prebon Llc.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Great place to get in shape. Personalized approach and amazing attention to details.

Dr. David J. Poiman, NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry
Dr. David J. Poiman, NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry.
Director of Strategy at American Express

Karate City teaches kids discipline and how to focus in order to make steady process.

Elliot Bogod, President at Broadway Realty
Elliot Bogod, President at Broadway Realty.
Director of Strategy at American Express
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