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Bilingual schools Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Bilingual schools Midtown West : You will have undoubtedly heard of the martial art of kung fu. A world-famous martial art that is a popular choice among sports fans, here we explore more about kung fu.


Kung Fu


Kung Fu originates in China and comes from the Shaolin Temple. Monks use the movements and practices of Kung Fu to promote health and self-defense. During a visit in 527AD, a Buddhist prince visits a Shaolin Temple. He notices that the monks are in poor health. So after much meditation, the prince creates an exercise series to help them. With a focus on developing strength, internal energy, and vitality, Kung Fu is the original Shaolin martial art form.


Kung Fu has both hard and soft styles within the techniques. It is more of a general term, as many forms are now in existence. It covers many Chinese martial arts with Long Fist and Eagle Claw, all being examples of Kung Fu.


Differences between Karate and Kung Fu


For people not familiar with martial arts, it can be challenging to see the difference between Karate and Kung Fu. However, as a student develops their understanding, the variations of the sports become apparent. The main things that differ between the sports include:


  • Karate uses linear movements
  • A stop and go motion is distinctive in karate
  • Kung Fu has more circular movements
  • Technical and complicated steps are common in Kung Fu


The actions in karate are a more streamlined system with simple steps. As Kung Fu can involve complicated moves, it may be more challenging to master. Due to this, Karate is an excellent choice for kids. The classes at Karate City help them to learn the sport while also having fun.


The kid’s program helps them to learn both the steps and the philosophes of karate. Learning to set and achieve goals is just one of the many benefits of the class. Bilingual schools Midtown West