Early childhood education Midtown West : Karate versus To-Shin-Do
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Early childhood education Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Early childhood education Midtown West : The world of martial arts is diverse, with many masters creating their own styles. Because of this, some sports have risen from different divisions. One of these is To-Shin-Do, which is a sport from Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee Stephen K Hayes.




In 1975, Stephen Hayes travels seeking out Ninja masters in Japan. After meeting a grandmaster of the Togakure-Ryu, he is the first American they accept into the Ninja tradition. In 1981 Hayes comes back to the US with a black belt in Bujinkan. He starts the Shadows of Iga Society for ninjutsu fans. He promotes the sport by traveling all over the country giving seminars.


Upon retirement from the Shadows of Iga Society, Hayes starts the Kasumi-An warrior training in 1989. 1997 sees the first Quest Center open its doors in Dayton, OH.


The literal translation of To-Shin-Do is Sword Spirit Path. As a modern take on ninjutsu, the sport uses grappling, choking, and joint-locking moves. The competition also involves swords and other weapons as part of the belt progression.


Which one is best for kids?


As the sport of To-Shin-Do is a progression of the Ninja style of fighting, it can appear quite aggressive. Students will learn control and focus, which also happens in karate. The To-Shin-Do style of fighting can be a very technical thing, so it’s hard to advance. Because of this, many parents choose karate instead of it.


Karate training for kids includes Kata, which is excellent for getting to grips with moves. The classes use fun and engaging techniques, so your child learns to love exercise. Our kid’s karate program provides lots of great benefits. You will notice an increase in fitness but also better concentration. Students experience an increase in confidence and also learn to strive and achieve their goals. Early childhood education Midtown West