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Private schools in Manhattan : Martial arts comparison series


Private schools in Manhattan : For American martial artists, the names don’t get much bigger than Chuck Norris. As a movie star and fighter, Chuck Norris is a household name. But did you know he created his own fighting form? His excellent fighting skills are not just for the screen, but he also contributes a new martial art too.


Chun Kuk Do


During his time serving in the military, Chuck Norris gets his first foray into Tang Soo Do in Korea. With this introduction, he makes it his aim to study various styles. As he gains knowledge across the martial arts forms, so he puts his spin on them.


After extensive study, Chun Kuk Do comes into being. With the Chuck Norris name behind it, the sports support is a sure thing. A loose translation of Chun Kuk Do means the universal way. It provides hints to the multiple aspects of various martial arts in the sport. With elements of karate, taekwondo, and the original Tang Soo Do, it is a hybrid martial art.


The sport becomes more popular, and more than 100 schools open across the world as a result. It uses two combative styles. Firstly, there is bare hand combat, and secondly, weapons form part of the training.


Which one is best for kids?


Chun Kuk Do is a mix of several martial arts, so it does have broad appeal. However, as karate is a much more popular martial art, there are more schools. Because of this, you will have a choice of karate schools wherever you live in the country.


When choosing a karate school for kids, you will want a dojo with excellent instructors and facilities. At Karate City, we pride ourselves on using the very latest teaching methods. Our kid’s karate program encourages students and creates a lifelong love of the sport. Private schools in Manhattan