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Upper West Side private schools : With the soar in popularity in events such as the UFC, MMA is becoming an increasingly common sight. You will have come across MMA many times as big names emerge from the sport. But what is MMA, and how does it compare to karate? Here we explore the differences so you can see which one your child might enjoy.


MMA origins


The sport currently enjoys a huge following thanks to the many televised events watched by millions. MMA came into its own in the 90s, but it goes back much further. Taking elements from several martial arts, MMA is a combination sport. As it uses different components from martial arts, many people like it because it mixes things up.


One of the earliest MMA forms is a hand-to-hand-combat that the Chinese Military was developing during the Han Dynasty. In the very first Olympics, there was a grappling style with strikes, which is similar to MMA. So, with a vibrant history, the sport continues to develop over the ages. However, it does not see a real rise in recognition until the UFC forms in 1993.


What are the differences between karate and MMA?


The combination across many disciplines in MMA uses a focus on fighting in the ring. Elements from those martial arts have the aim of victory in a match. Karate, however, tends to focus more on long-term mental and physical conditioning.


MMA uses many strikes and punches, and these are part of the training. The ultimate goal is to win a fight, every fight. So, you will get an excellent workout, but if you want more depth, karate may be a better choice. If you have an interest in MMA, early martial arts training can be an advantage. Many fighters start off in a single-focus martial art, such as karate, before moving into MMA fighting. Upper West Side private schools