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UWS preschools : Sumo is a highly recognizable sport due to the hefty competitors and Japanese wrestling style. A full-contact wrestling martial art, sumo uses a circular ring in competition. But what do you actually know about the sport? Here we explore the art of Sumo and see how it compares to karate. 


Origins of Sumo


Sumo has origins in Shinto as a ritual. At shrines throughout Japan, there are ritual dances where a human would wrestle with a Shinto divine spirit. Representatives of each province compete as part of the imperial court orders. The sport gains popularity and changes forms to follow with the tastes and desires of rulers throughout the ages.


The Sumo ring comes into existence around the 16th Century. Loose loincloths are common at this time instead of the stiff wrestling belts we see today. Professional Sumo comes into being as a form of entertainment and in time becomes increasingly popular as a result.


Winning in a Sumo bout is generally through forcing an opponent out of the ring. They lose by placing a foot outside the circle but also if part of the body hits the ground. 


Sumo or karate – which is best? 


Sumo uses a lot of grappling and wrestling moves. There are technical elements so it can be a complicated sport for kids. Due to this, many parents find karate better for their children. In karate class, kids can learn the moves using kata. A pattern of set movements is part of the practice. So it’s easier for kids to pick up the techniques of karate.


Karate uses control and focus to execute moves, so there is a lower risk of injury. In our kid’s karate program, students learn to use their skills properly. Respect for the sport and self-control are all part of our teaching. UWS preschools