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Emerging schools Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Emerging schools Midtown West : Karate is extremely popular in America, with millions of children and adults taking part. Recently, Krav Maga came to the US. So, how does Krav Maga compare to Olympic Karate?


Krav Maga is a combative system that is simple yet brutal. So, students learn to counter any attack. Strikes include those to the groin, eyes, and throat, and the teachings include grappling.


“Karate competition is about winning, not killing, making it safe for children to learn and enjoy.” – Igor Dyachenko


Krav Maga originates from just before World War II. The Jewish people invent the system to protect themselves against fascist groups. At the end of the war, Krav Maga travels to Isreal. Here it becomes the unarmed fighting system of the Isreal Security Forces and also the Isreal Defence Forces.


Karate or Krav Maga?


When deciding between karate or Krav Marga for you or your child, you should consider the purpose. Firstly, both promote and develop physical fitness.


The other teachings of Krav Maga include:


  • Realism with a grounding in real combat
  • Simultaneous defense and attack
  • Tactical thinking
  • Attacks to vulnerable body parts
  • Fast incapacitation of the opponent


The other teachings of karate include:


  • An emphasis on well-being and mindfulness
  • Defensive and attacking routines
  • Soft-contact sparring and competition
  • Childhood development
  • Respect, discipline, and also confidence building


From these points, you should be able to quickly decide if Karate or Krav Maga is right for you. Due to Krav Maga’s nature of attacking vulnerable body parts, karate may be a safer option for your children. Emerging schools Midtown West