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Top early learning center Midtown West : In the world of martial arts, you will discover many styles. The popularity of each martial art varies, but they can provide an excellent workout. When choosing the best martial arts for kids, you will have a lot of choices. Here we take a look at Sanshou or Chinese kickboxing.




Sanshou, also known as Sanda or San Shou, is a full-contact sport. A fighting style of modern Wushu, it is a combination of wrestling and kickboxing. Sanshou uses many grappling techniques, more than in Muay Thai. It is a highly effective fighting method.


As a martial art form that dates back centuries in China, Sanshou has a deep and rich history. The name means unbound hand and is a style that reflects actual combat. Matches take place on a raised platform or Lei Tai. Competitions use both bare hand techniques and weapons.


Principles of Sanshou


The art of Sanshou combines aspects of Wushu, which is a name for the collective Chinese martial arts. So, it uses a range of movements, including:


  • Punches
  • Full-contact kicks
  • Takedown
  • Throws from Chinese martial arts


Observers of the sport may think it is merely kickboxing, but it isn’t. Sanshou uses boxing, kung-fu kicks, and also wrestling throws. There are no submission wrestling moves, and it is a fast-moving sport with lots of grappling. With influences from Chinese boxing and fighting, the competition is incredibly diverse in movements.


Is Sanshou suitable for kids?


Sanshou is a fast-paced sport that uses full-contact. Because of this, it is not the best introduction to martial arts. Many practitioners of the sport start training in another discipline before moving into Sanshou.


Karate is incredibly popular with children because of the fun training and progression. As your child works through the kid’s karate program, they will achieve new belts. Aiming for and achieving goals helps to keep kids’ attention and engagement. Top early learning center Midtown West