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Best private schools in Manhattan : Many adults and children fall in love with karate. Karate can become a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Karate students may come across Yamanni-Ryu, so, what is Yamanni-Ryu?


Yamanni-Ryu is a Japanese martial art that focuses on Okinawan weapons (Kobudo). Brought to the US 1979, it has close links with karate, originating from the same place. Often, Shotokan karate students will learn about Yamanni-Ryu in karate class. Alternatively, they may attend a seminar or demonstration on Yamanni-Ryu.


Firstly, students of Yamanni-Ryu will learn how to use a staff, and later other weapons. The weapons of Yamanni-Ryu include:


  • Bo – a 6ft long wooden staff made of oak
  • Sai – a three-pronged weapon for blocking and trapping
  • Tonfa – a pair of wooden batons for blocking and striking


Yamanni-Ryu training


The main focus of practice is on the Bo. This is a staff that is also in use in martial arts such as Aikido, Kung, Fu, Bojutsu, and Ninjutsu. Masters of Yamanni-Ryu and the Bo will take less than a second between making a block and delivering a strike. The goal is to develop a fluid style.


The practice of Yamanni-Ryu is relatively safe with a foam Bo and protective gear. However, injury is still possible, so it may not be appropriate for younger children. In total, there is thirteen kata for students to master.


So, here we have a case where it isn’t karate versus Yamanni-Ryu. So, it is more a case of Yamanni-Ryu complimenting the teachings of Shotokan karate. If Yamanni-Ryu interests you or your children, speak to a Karate City instructor for training opportunities or direction. Best private schools in Manhattan