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New York private schools : Martial arts comparison series


New York private schools : Oom Yong Doe certainly has a few unique characteristics, but is it suitable for you and your children? Here we take a look at how Oom Yung Doe compares to karate.


Karate is a Japanese martial whereas Oom Yung Doe is a Korean martial art. The three words that make up its name are:


  • Oom – mind
  • Yung – body
  • Doe – a way to develop harmony or through practice


Oom Yung Doe teaches self-defense and physical movement, as well as philosophy, meditation, and acupressure points. Herbal formulas are also part of the teaching, and these remove toxins from the body and improve circulation.


The founder of Oom Yung Doe claims that it helps improve disorders. These are rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and also asthma. Some small clinical trials show that it is a healing treatment for resistant back pain and also increases lung capacity.


Oom Yung Doe controversies


Unfortunately, unethical behaviors by the founders mean that it probably isn’t the right choice for your kids. Accusations include pushing people to sign lengthy contracts with hefty fees. Some critics even describe the Oom Yung Doe school as a cult. During the 1990s, the founder and original instructors are found guilty of tax fraud.


Oom Yung Doe style


Training molds to fit the individual, enabling people with injuries or disabilities to participate. Firstly, just like karate, it brings your mind and body together. It also develops strength, timing, speed, coordination, and flexibility.


Effective self-defense techniques come from the following martial arts:


  • Aikido
  • Bagwa Chung
  • Hap Ki Do
  • JuJitsu
  • Kom Do
  • Kong Su
  • Kung Fu
  • Samurai
  • Ship Pal Gae
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Tai Chi
  • Udo


There are plenty of reasons not to choose Oom Yung Doe for you or your children. In this case, karate is a much better choice. New York private schools