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Private middle schools NYC : Martial arts comparison series


Private middle schools NYC : The martial arts world is a vast array of fighting styles and disciplines. There are many you will be familiar with, but there are also some you may not know. One of these may be Bando, which is a system originating in Burma, India, and China. The correct pronunciation is “Bawn-Do,” and this sport is a multi-discipline martial art. Here we explore the differences between Bando and Karate.


Bando – what is it?


The Bando martial art fighting system uses multiple techniques. Several moves look similar to karate but also lots of differences. Striking and kicking moves have a karate-like look, but the sport also uses stick and sword fighting.


Bando has three subsystems when it comes to training:

  • Empty hand
  • Stick hand
  • Sword hand


Empty-hand moves in Bando include grappling techniques so you can throw, flip or hold an opponent. It also uses chokes and locks. Stick hand moves use various weapons like a short stick and long staff. For sword training in Bando, students can use a short dagger, Kukri (medium sword), and also a long sword.


Practitioners of Bando aim to become proficient in as many of these forms as possible. The sport gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s as the civil unrest made it essential to learn self-defense. Bando is not as popular as other martial arts in the US, but that was not the intention.


Devotees of Bando want it to remain faithful to its origins and believe large commercialization may lose that. Due to this, you may find it challenging to find a teacher of Bando. So, karate may be a more accessible choice for your children. Bando practitioners encourage learning and knowledge, so many learn other disciplines too. Karate classes for kids can provide an excellent introduction to the world of martial arts. Private middle schools NYC