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Early childhood center Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Early childhood center Midtown West : Almost every country has a martial art to its name, just like karate and Okinawa. Bakom has a very specific origin, and here we take a look at Bakom and how it differs from karate.


Forty years ago, in Peru, a marine blends Jiujutsu with street fighting and calls this system Bakom. The people of Lima, Pure, use this martial art to survive in the shantytowns. Bakom, or Vacom, is both dangerous and ruthless.


Firstly, Bakom intends to kill or disable an opponent quickly. Students learn to overwhelm an opponent before they know they are in trouble. The vicious nature of Bakom promotes, causing the attacker the maximum amount of pain and suffering.


Bakom also encourages the use of unhonorable tactics and deception. Tactics include using hidden weapons, chokeholds, arm locks, and even extreme punches. Strikes to the vital organs are permissible, and these can off-balance opponents.


Bakom or karate?


As one of the deadliest martial arts in the world, it might not be the first choice for your children. Aside from being overly aggressive, it won’t teach your kids the values in karate philosophies.


“Our teachings prepare kids for school, so they behave and perform at a higher grade than their peers.” – Igor Dyachenko


Joining a Shotokan Karate club nearby is absolutely the better option for your children. Also, karate promotes self-discipline, respect, and goal setting, alongside self-defense. Early childhood center Midtown West