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Karate City is the first nonprofit organization to introduce the sport of Karate in New York on a large scale. Creating the future Olympians, today.

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Meet Karate City

Karate City is the first nonprofit organization to introduce the sport of karate in New York on a large scale. Karate City is affiliated with World Karate Federation (WKF), the largest international governing body of sports karate and a member of International Olympic Committee, promoting karate to the status of the Olympic sport.

Starting in 2016, the Karate City will introduce multiple programs aimed at promoting the well-being of New Yorkers through philosophy, psychology, methodology, and spirit of karate.

The Karate City team consists of karate masters, experts in sports physiology and psychology, and experienced business executives enthusiastic about making the benefits of karate available to communities across the globe.


We Teach Karate To Kids In Need

According to statistics provided by NYC Administration for Children’s Services, 9,865 New York City kids were in foster care in January 2016.

Kids in need often lack the advantage of the formative character-building influence of their parents. It is our goal as a non-profit organization to provide a positive impact and to help these kids to become healthy well-adjusted, successful members of modern civilized society. We intend to use the art and sport of karate
as our instrument.

Karate City's training programs prepare children for life both inside and outside the dojo, providing the skills necessary to make good decisions and to grow into healthy, productive adults.
Our personalized instruction will create measurable results for your self-awareness, mindfulness, and longevity. We also offer family sessions where children and parents can train together.
We offer coordinated training sessions for groups and businesses, providing unique teambuilding exercises designed to improve collaboration and enhance the energy of your organization.
The foundation actively shares the benefits of karate in communities locally and as far away as South Africa where we also support the provision of access to education, food, and clean drinking water.

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