Karate UWS: How do I sign up my child for classes at Karate City?
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Karate UWS : Karate City enrollment



Karate UWS : To sign up your child for Karate City classes is easy to do. There is a choice of options to suit you. The first option is to sign up online through the website, which you can do in a few simple steps.


Children learn by following the instructions given by the teachers. You may be a parent who feels cautious about signing your child up for classes. If so, then you can contact us and enroll them in an introductory lesson.


Karate City programs are based on sports neurophysiology techniques. These can help your child improve their overall health. They will be happier, boost their self-esteem, and improve their focus and attention span.


Karate City offers highly-beneficial karate classes. So, your children can enroll from an early age, from 2.5-years and from 4-years old and above.


What you need to know when signing up your child for karate


There are a few facts that are good to know as you prepare to sign up your son or daughter. First of all, the lessons last for approximately 60 minutes. Two classes per week are ideal for children under the age of four. For children above the age of four, three lessons per week are highly advantageous.


Of course, children vary in stature, mainly as they are growing. With this in mind, we have split children’s karate into appropriate age groups.


Our kid’s karate classes will fit your child into one of these categories:


  • 2.5-4 years of age
  • 4-7 years of age
  • 7-13 years of age


The learning speed and topics of learning, fit appropriately to these age groups. The older your child becomes, the faster they can learn. However, all children learn at different speeds, so we do not encourage kids to compare themselves against others. Instead, we encourage your kids to focus on how much they progress, working towards their unique goals.


If your child is of 5 years or above, then you can train with your child through our family classes.


Prices per class depend upon the number of classes you sign your kids up for. The more commitment you show, and hence the more lessons you book, the cheaper the lessons become.


Advantages of signing your child up for karate


There are many benefits to gain from practicing karate. From an early age, children gain an understanding of karate techniques and learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


Even young children will learn and develop:


  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Problem-solving
  • Setting goals
  • Breathing techniques
  • Improved physical fitness and health
  • Improvement in school grades


Karate City is the premier dojo for kid’s karate. If childhood development and self-defense are important to you, then enroll your kids today. Karate UWS