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Karate Manhattan: Karate instructions



Karate Manhattan : Karate is hugely beneficial for children, and Karate City has some karate instructions on how to manage kids karate training. With a little guidance, you will be able to help your child get the most from his karate training. 


Having an active involvement in training helps in many ways. Your child learns from your example, but it also builds strong bonds. Engaging with your child about what they have been doing and planning activities is excellent for everyone.


How to fit kid’s karate classes into a busy family life


If you have been thinking about signing up your child for kid’s karate classes, do it. You may have concerns about how to fit it in with an already busy schedule, we have tips to help. Your kid may be asking you for karate lessons, but how do you add them into hectic family life? 


Here are some things that will assist you:


  • Find other parents to work with – Are there other children in your neighborhood that want to do karate too? Join forces with other parents so you can share pickups and drop-offs.
  • Preparation is vital – If you find that you are rushing from one activity to another, prepare things the night before. Have the karate uniform clean and kit bag ready the day before practice.
  • Train together – Families that train together have great fun and build strong bonds. If everyone is taking different sports classes, why not choose a family karate class?


Managing your child’s karate training


As a parent, the first thing you should do is think about a game plan. You should consider how you can help your child in the short term, midterm, and long term. Initially, the best place to start is with the rules of karate. 

There are many resources available so you can get an idea of what your child will be learning. If you have an understanding of the rules and basics, you can help your child as a result.

When you help your child understand the rules, they will begin to understand the bigger picture. You will be helping them to connect with karate and the structure of the sport. You will also help your child strengthen both their mind and body.


Tips to help you manage kids karate training


Here are some tips that will help you achieve your child’s karate training:


  • Learn something about karate – You should take the time to learn about karate yourself. Learning about karate will enable you to help your child understand the sport and answer questions they may have.
  • Help your kid have fun – Praise, encourage, compliment, and celebrate your child’s achievements. Do so, and your child will be less likely to drop out.
  • Monitor your child’s physical state – Rest and nutrition are crucial for your child to perform at their best.


How to help your child with their karate


You have taken steps to get them into kid’s karate lessons, so now what? The experiences in the dojo are a great start, but you can help at home too. Karate is challenging and fun, so make it an activity you can all engage in. By encouraging your child outside of the dojo, you add more quality family time to the home. 


Some tips to help your child with their karate training include:


Encourage home practice – Setting a practice routine at home will help your children do better. Home training will also enforce the mentality of work and reward. You can clear a space in the house so they won’t break anything. Make sure there are no distractions so they can concentrate.

Assist with memory training – Your child is learning lots of new things during karate training. They are learning techniques, karate terms, and katas so, you will be a valuable assistant and aid.

Record your child – Using your smartphone, you can record your child’s performance. Your kid can then watch the video to see how their movement looks and if this is correct. You can watch online videos for more tips and also ask the instructor for useful resources.


Tips to help kids remember kata


The routines we teach in class, or kata, can be complicated. Your child will go through the steps, but you can also help them. It can be tough for a kid to take it all in, especially younger children. 


So here we take a look at what you can do to help your kid remember kata:

  • Simplify the moves – Kata has many intricacies, but you will want to learn the basics first.
  • Find patterns – Help your child find patterns in the movements and go through these.
  • Visualization – An excellent tool for learning new things; visualization will help your child too. Get them to see themself practicing the moves in their head. You can try this on the car on the way home from class, while it is still fresh in their mind.
  • Practice – Anything new takes practice. Encourage your kid to go through the moves at home.


Helping your child with karate


The most important thing for you as a parent is to engage in the whole process. The classes will give them the steps, but you can help them by managing their training. The instructors at Karate City has experience in practice with children of all ages. Because of this, they will be able to give you advice on the best methods to use.


Karate instructions and training will help your child’s self-control, self-esteem, confidence, focus, and courtesy. Whatever the reasons for choosing karate for your children, they will get many benefits from the sport. Karate Manhattan