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Karate NYC : You should master the special breathing techniques to be successful at training. There are lots of them, but in Karate we strongly recommend the Ibuki and Nogaret methods.


Ibuki is also known as dragon breath and consists of two phases. Firstly, a sharp nasal intake of breath while the body is in a state of relaxation and hands are near the armpits. Secondly, a slow but dynamic oral exhalation accompanied by a strong tension of the whole body. You should perform Ibuki standing up with feet hip-width apart. This breathing technique is a way of preparing the body for action in unexpected situations. We also use Ibuki to ease the body. This technique is a way to express explosive power.


Nogaret also contains 2 phases. First one is a sharp nasal intake of breath as you slowly raise your hands to the armpits. The second is a quiet oral exhalation which helps you to relax your muscles. Nogaret is an energetic technique because it helps to refill the blood with the oxygen quickly.


Karate City has a special emphasis on breathing techniques from the first classes. Karate NYC