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Martial Arts Manhattan : Karate and kickboxing are both popular martial arts. However, there are many differences between the two, even though there are many similarities. So, is karate better than kickboxing?


The answer to the question of which is best, in some part, depends on your goals. Both martial arts burn calories and exercise your full body. So, you will enjoy proper warm-ups and technical drills, as well as possibly sparring.


However, kickboxing is more a sport than a martial art. This equates to developing mighty strikes through repetition and sparring. The goal of people who learn kickboxing is usually to participate in ring-competition, rather than learn self-defense.


Martial Arts Manhattan : Why karate is better than kickboxing


For children and adults alike, karate is a better option. This is because it is a true martial art. You will learn self-defense along with philosophies and ways of thinking.


The physical skills are much broader with kicks, punches, blocks, grappling, and open-hand techniques. With this diversity, karate is better for self-defense, giving you more ways to defend yourself. You will practice set movements called kata and build skills effective in real-life threatening events.


“If a physical attack is unavoidable, the toolkit of techniques in karate will save your life.” – Igor Dyachenko


Karate is excellent for young children due to its philosophies. Your children learn positive behaviors such as respect, self-discipline, confidence, and goal setting. These are the exact same skills your children need to learn effectively at school. Martial Arts Manhattan


Why children who do karate from a young age are better prepared for life


Martial Arts Manhattan : Everyone wants the best for their children, and preparing them for life is your most important role as a parent. You will want your child to find friendship, happiness, and love, along with intelligence and to find a successful career.


The critical thing for parents to recognize is you need to prime your child for success as early as possible. Karate will do just this by stimulating mental and physical development while deterring violence and aggression.


“You can think of the karate instructor as a third parent, nurturing your child towards happiness and success.” – Igor Dyachenko


The distinct advantages include health benefits for your child, now and as they grow towards being a teenager. In karate class, kids learn lessons that will pay them back, time-and-time-again, throughout their life.


Why your children need karate


Young children have many things to learn and hurdles to overcome. Handling stress is one factor that almost any adult can appreciate.


Stressers in your young child’s life might include navigating school for the first time. Also, they will need to learn how to sit quietly in class, make new friends, and prepare for exams.


Karate has a strong base that will prepare your child for social interactions. Maybe your child has behavioral problems such as shyness or being overenergetic. They will also need to learn how to handle peer-pressure, make good decisions, and avoid falling into a bad crowd.


“It is easier to start a good habit than it is to overcome a bad habit.” – Igor Dyachenko


Karate will keep your kids off the street and keep them active in our technologically-centric world. Pursuits like PlayStation, smartphone gaming, TV, and eating junk food will leave kids feeling sluggish and with health problems.


Of course, your children will also learn about self-defense. With knowledge, if they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, their reflexes will be natural.


How karate benefits children’s development


Firstly, your child will learn about perseverance and the importance of a never-give-up attitude. They will also learn about:


Focus – Karate teaches children how to concentrate and listen. If your child has a low attention span, then this will be vital. In fact, there is proof that karate alleviates ADHD symptoms (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and improves memory.


Social skills – Introducing your kids to unfamiliar environments early, will help that adapt easier in the future. In karate, they learn about communication and teamwork, preparing them for their first day at school.


Gain self-confidence – Karate is about mastering techniques that are not always easy to accomplish. This is a vital part of mental development and builds self-esteem. Karate might be the first time your child sets measurable goals, once again preparing them for school.


Decision making – Karate teaches mental clarity and how to judge a situation. Kids learn to be decisive under pressure and gain a natural flair for decision making.


Discipline – Karate will help your children learn about personal boundaries and emotional control. They will become proficient in channeling their emotions positively. They will learn rules and mutual respect. From the bow upon entering the dojo to the acceptance of knowledge from others.


Health and nutrition – Better fitness, strength, flexibility, and a stronger cardiovascular system are all waiting for karate children.

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