Karate City is the first nonprofit organization to introduce the sport of karate in New York on the large scale. Karate City is affiliated with World Karate Federation (WKF), the largest international governing body of sport karate and a member of International Olympic Committee, promoting karate to the status of the Olympic sport.

Starting in 2016, the Karate City will introduce multiple programs aimed at promoting well-being of New Yorkers through philosophy, psychology, methodology and spirit of karate.

Karate City team consists of karate masters, experts in sports physiology and psychology, and experienced business executives enthusiastic about karate.

Igor Dyachenko

Igor Dyachenko President

Igor Dyachenko, the founder of Karate City and sensei at D-Dojo Karate Columbus Circle, began practicing karate as a child under the guidance of his father, and since early childhood knew that his purpose in life was to be a karate teacher. Having overcome the hardships of post-USSR 1990s Ukraine, Igor progressed to becoming a member

Denis Saklakov

Denis Saklakov CFO

A passionate private equity professional and an originator with a broad experience in real estate, M&A, corporate finance, HNWIs-related work and 10 years of previous legal practice. Denis uses his ability to speak five languages to communicate with investors worldwide. Denis is positive that Karate City project is one of the best ways to enhance

Pierre Tilhou

Pierre Tilhou CIO

Born in the Pyrénées in the south of France, Pierre Tilhou has always been fond of outdoor sports — mountaineering, mountain-biking, skiing… He acquired the taste for effort and technique that he later channeled through his karate practice in Paris and New York. Pierre has spent almost twenty years of his professional life trying to create

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel PRO

Sean Schemmel is an internationally recognized award-winning voice actor, best known for his work as the voice of Goku, in the English version of Dragon Ball Z. He studied karate under the instruction of Igor Dyachenko, and currently serves on board of directors of Karate City, where he helps to increase world’s awareness of health

Saeid Ashtian

Saeid Ashtian Coach

Saeid Ashtian is a 6th degree black belt holder in Shito Ryu Karate and a 6th degree black belt holder in Japanese Jujitsu. He also holds the academic degree of Master of Sciences in Sports Physiology from University of Tehran. Saeid’s expertise as a sport coach has the foundation not only in his training and

Michael Reslan

Michael Reslan GRO

One of New York City’s most well-known clothiers and experts in retail, with experience as a high-ranking corporate officer as well as an entrepreneur and owner of a clothes brand and a Fifth Avenue store, Michael Reslan brings to Karate City his skills in growing businesses, his leadership acumen, and his wide connections among the business