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Shotokan Karate NYC : You want your child to join millions of others practicing martial arts across the world. However, this can you leave considering which martial art to enroll your child in. So to answer this, we should consider what’s the difference between the various martial arts.


Martial arts styles


Below is a list of martial art styles and their origin, as well as the main focus of each:


  • Aikido – Japanese/grappling
  • Hapkido – Korean/joint locks/circular motions/weapons
  • Jiu-Jitsu – Japanese/throws/joint locks/escaping/striking
  • Judo – Japanese/throws/takedowns/grappling
  • Karate – Okinawan/striking/self-defense/open-hand techniques
  • Kendo – Japanese/swordsmanship
  • Kenpo – Japanese/fist method
  • Krav Maga – Israeli/wrestling/counter-attacks/ungoverned
  • Kung Fu – Chinese/Chinese philosophies/animal movements
  • MMA – Full contact/martial and non-martial techniques
  • Muay Thai – Thai/stand-up striking/clinching
  • Sambo – Russian/hand-to-hand combat/wrestling/submissions
  • Tae Kwon Do – Korean/kicking techniques/take-downs/joint locks
  • Tai Chi – Chinese/slow movements/health orientated


Judo and Tae Kwon Do are in the Olympic games, and most significantly, karate will feature in the 2020 Olympics.


As you can see, there are many styles and areas of focus within the martial arts. So, what is the argument for choosing karate for your child?


Shotokan Karate


Karate is the perfect martial art for your child because it doesn’t focus on one form, like wrestling. Your child will learn strikes and blocks, technique and visualization with kata, and raise their fitness level. Your kids will also learn soft-contact sparring once they get older and have learned technique and control.


Igor Dyachenko has honed his teaching methodology to enhance Shotokan Karate. With decades of research and relentless practice, his method emphasizes the development of children. Your child will learn a practical martial art and self-defense but also vital life skills.

Your child will learn about respect, self-discipline, problem-solving, goal-setting while gaining confidence and focus. Karate also sets your kids up for finding success in other sports. Most significantly, we will set your child up for success in real life. Shotokan Karate NYC