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Self Defense Upper East Side : Karate is a martial art that challenges its students in many different ways. This is one reason why karate is popular and will keep your children hooked for a lifetime. One such challenge is how to overcome tall opponents in karate.


First of all, we should clarify that your child will not go into sparring in their first lesson. In fact, they may not encounter sparring and competition for a few years. At Karate City, we only introduce kids to sparring after they develop the necessary skills, control, and technique. Your child will wear protective gear to ensure that karate sparring is both fun and safe.


Tactics to overcome tall opponents in karate


Some children are taller than others. Because of this, a tall child will look to exploit the reach advantage of their punches and kicks. Taller karate children will also try to stay out of the range of a shorter child. Their goal is to deliver long-range attacks without coming into danger.


Shorter children will learn to apply forward pressure. They can close the range to neutralize the reach advantage. If your child is short, then they will develop speed to move quickly. Then, the tall opponent doesn’t have time to evade their attack.


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Your child can protect their head and chin by tucking it in, by weaving, and by ducking. Once your child moves in, they can deliver short-range techniques. Short-range karate techniques include hook punches, as well as elbow and knee strikes.


It is an excellent tactic to look out for counter opportunities and to utilize angles to defend and attack. If you want to master karate, your child shouldn’t be put off by taller students. You can encourage your child to select both short and tall sparring partners.


Your children need to appreciate that it takes time to develop and master these tactics and techniques. It is the classic scenario of hard work that delivers rewards and results. This is an excellent lesson for all children to learn.

Let’s recap the main points of overcoming tall opponents:

  • Close the distance

  • Use speed to your advantage

  • Protect your chin and head

  • Use short-range attacks

  • Counter opponents attacks


Igor Dyachenko and the instructors at Karate City will encourage your child to learn the greatest range of tactics.  Self Defense Upper East Side