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After School Activities Upper West Side : Kumite allows you to test your fighting skills against an opponent in the competition. The WKF (World Karate Federation) sets out the rules for competition. So, you need to know how to you fight in karate.


Before you begin, you must ensure you prepare for competition. You must wear a karate gi without stripes or personal embroidery. Any identification that the Organizing Committee provides, you must wear on your back. You must have short fingernails, and your hair shouldn’t be so long as to interfere with your match.


You must wear WKF-approved necessary equipment. One competitor will wear red gear, while the other wears blue. Kit includes:


  • Red or blue belt
  • Red or blue mitts
  • Body protection including a chest protector for female competitors
  • Red or blue shin pads
  • Red or blue foot protection
  • Gum shield


How to earn points in karate competition


You will fight during a three minute Kumite bout. Junior and cadet bouts will last for two minutes.


Awarding of points is as follows:


  • One point (YUKO) – Jodan or Chudan Uchi or Tsuki.

  • Two points (WAZA-ARI) – Chudan kicks.

  • Three points (IPPON) – For Jodan kicks and techniques delivered in a fallen or thrown opponent.


Your score is according to criteria of good form, sporting attitude, correct distance, good timing, vigorous application, and awareness. Also, your attacks must target the face, head, neck, side, back, and chest, as well as the abdomen.


You win the bout if you obtain a clear lead of eight points. You will also win the match at time-up, where you have a points advantage. If the bout ends with a points-tie, and no competitor has a first unopposed points advantage, then the judges vote. The judges and referee vote on the following criteria:

  • The fighting spirit, attitude, and strength of the competitors

  • The superiority of techniques and tactics

  • The initiator of most of the action

There are many intricacies to learn in karate fighting. Igor Dyachenko and Karate City will ensure you learn these before a competition. After School Activities Upper West Side