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Professional Karate : In karate and sparring, the defense is as important as the attack. The guard will underpin your defensive strategy. So, it is vital to understand how to keep guard in karate.


There are several variations to the guard or kamae. You will learn the meaning of chudan uke, where chudan means middle and uke means to block the attack. In karate’s standard chest-level block, one of your hands is the lead hand. This hand extends out in front at face height. The second hand extends to a position that is vertically and horizontally level with the elbow of the first hand.


The distance of the hands from the body remains consistent. However, tactics and guard techniques may vary the height of your hands.


Why the karate guard differs from other martial arts


The guard is unique in karate because we practice without gloves. It is very similar to the guard used by bare-knuckle fighters. In fighting sports such as boxing and kickboxing, you hold your guard close to your chin. In these sports, the padding of the gloves forms a protective shield.


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However, karate is a more technical fighting style. Your guard has multiple roles, including blocking, defections, and parries.


The extension of the arms and hands is crucial. If you extend your arms out too far, then the guard will be weak. This means that you will not have the strength to deflect incoming strikes and blows. To close to the body and you won’t be able to intercept incoming attacks and blows.


You guard also plays a crucial role in distancing. It keeps your opponent at an ideal range where you can move in to strike. You can also move out of the range of your opponent’s attacks.

Igor Dyachenko uses a guard methodology that he uses in Olympic competition. At Karate City, you and your children will learn the most effective guards for self-defense. Professional Karate