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Private pre k schools Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Private pre k schools Midtown West : The different martial arts are all unique, which makes the premises of selecting one exciting. If you wish to enroll your child in a martial arts school, then you need to be well-informed. So, here we take a look at Shintaido and how it differs from karate.


Shintaido is a hybrid martial art and a blend of Karate, Bojutsu, judo, and Kenjutsu. Just like karate, it teaches elements of meditation and spiritualism, along with open-hand techniques.


However, Shintaido includes weapons training of both the staff (Bo) and the wooden sword (Bokken/Bokuto). Arguably, this is not something you would want or need your child to learn. So, karate is better for children and especially for younger kids.


Modern-day Shintaido


In recent years, the teaching of Shintaido is moving away from defense and attack. Instead, Shintaido encourages receiving and giving. Also, joyful self-expression, optimism, and self-development are core practices. Furthermore, influences from musical styles such as jazz and classical music, exist.


There are prevailing philosophies and ways of thinking between karate and Shintaido. Both encourage your children to find energy awareness, health, cooperation, and mutual understanding. A desire for peace and acceptance of all cultures is also within the teachings.


One issue, in particular, may deter your children from learning Shintaido. Shintaido does not incorporate sport or competition. Karate offers both of these, and kids enjoy and benefit from healthy competitiveness.

The takeaway is that Shintaido teaches weaponry but does not feature competition. Private pre k schools Midtown West