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Personal Karate : The ab muscles form part of the core of the body. Having a strong core is essential in karate. The moves we use in karate require force and stability, and the core is a vital part of that. When thinking about how to train the abs for karate, there are plenty of exercises and techniques that can help.


Why a strong core is vital in karate


The abs and center of the body come into play a lot in karate moves. Kicks and punches use a transference of power to be effective. The abs are essential because they transfer the energy in martial arts. The abdominal muscles and core stabilize the body during practice. These groups of muscles work together to protect the spine and pelvis, keeping them in the correct position.


During a karate practice, your child will be executing steps that make the muscles of the body move as one. The abs play an essential role. The abs, most importantly, help with the timing and control of movements that we are practicing during each lesson.

With a strong core comes better control and therefore, less risk of injury. The repetition of karate kicks and punches we use in class helps to increase the strength in the core. As your child continues to attend more, you will see they achieve better stability and technique because of this training.


Top ab training exercises for karate


While the practice in class will help to build a strong core, other activities can help. Regular exercises that focus on the abs and core muscles will provide a strong foundation for your child. We recommend these exercises because they are effective on the abs.


Some top karate abs exercises include:


  • Sit-ups

  • Planks – different variations 

  • Push-ups

  • Hanging leg raises

  • Bridge – single-leg etc

As your child comes to karate class each week, adding in these ab exercises will help them progress. As a student advances, more challenging ab, core, and oblique exercises become essential because the moves become more challenging.


At Karate City, we can advise you and your child on the best abs exercises for karate. Igor Dyachenko includes everything from nutritional advice to home exercises in the program. His extensive knowledge in the martial arts and human physiology have given him insight into the best practices. Personal Karate