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Modern Martial Arts UWS : Learning karate is a journey that requires dedication and time. You may think that the journey ends at a specific belt, but that is not true. Karateka devote their lives to practice and self-improvement. So starting out in kid’s karate classes is a significant first step. Here we look at what it takes to devote your life to karate.


How to make karate part of your daily life


For those that choose karate, the lessons they learn resonate through more than just the classes in the dojo. The sport has many philosophies that serve karateka in their daily life too. To truly devote your life to karate, you will have to give it time. Initially, practice every day to get the karate steps right. Dedicating time each day to do some karate will naturally make it a habit.


Some of the best ways to devote yourself to karate are:


  • Find the right teacher – the right karate master will want to share their knowledge and encourage a love for karate. They will have patience and also want to see their students succeed.
  • Practice – make training a daily habit so you will always want to do it.
  • Teach – a great way to learn to love something is to teach others about it. Help those in your class with less knowledge so they can advance too.


As your child becomes more proficient in the sport, they naturally learn and adopt the core principles. If they put enough time into the sport, it becomes part of their life. The overall fitness and health benefits are numerous, but there are also mental health gains too. The natural increase in focus and goal-setting makes anyone practicing karate want to continue.


In kid’s karate classes, your child takes the first steps on a journey that will enrich their lives.


Signs that you will always have karate in your life


As you gain a love for a sport, it becomes part of your every day as a result. Finding something that you love makes it much easier to devote time to it. Here are some signs that you love karate and will keep it in your life:


  • Training is a habit
  • You gain an appreciation for the lessons of karate
  • You feel at home in the dojo 
  • You miss training when you are not there
  • You can’t ever see yourself not doing karate

Igor Dyachenko knows what it is to dedicate a life to karate. With devotion he has been developing from childhood, he creates a kid’s karate program. At Karate City, we want your child to love karate as much as we do. We encourage them to set goals and achieve them. We help them to develop but without the negative effect of comparing themselves to others. Modern Martial Arts UWS