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Midtown West preschools : Taido is a martial art that you probably have not heard of. Taido has a big personality, so let’s take a look at how Taido differs from karate.


Firstly, Taido literally means development, and it has its origins and influences from Japan. It came into existence in 1965 as an offshoot of karate. Its main difference is the gymnastic (Unchin) style and dynamic movements.


Taido does not focus on kicks and punches with a delivery from a static stance. It also does not focus on executing strikes during linear movement. Instead, students learn to tilt their body axis as a form of evasion. They also learn how to generate energy for counter strikes.


Footwork, distancing, angles, and the control of the spatial relationship between the combatants are part of the practice. Just like karate, Taido promotes longevity and health.


There is a big emphasis on creativity and developing new moves and techniques. Competition is on offer as an individual or in a team scenario. These scenarios might include a sole fighter tackling five opponents.


Taido reception


Taido has not found mass appeal on the scale of some martial arts such as karate and Taekwondo. Also, Taido is not an Olympic sport like karate and judo. Some people describe Taido as flashy, a show, theatrical, and basically not a martial art. These people comment that it does not teach self-defense techniques and strategies.


With this in mind, you might prefer to encourage your children down the route of a martial art like karate. Karate will teach your kids practical self-defense and develop both mind and body. Midtown West preschools