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Martial Arts UES  : You have unquestionably seen karate students and masters breaking boards. You might have seen board breaking on TV or when you visit a martial arts exhibition. So, what is breaking boards in karate all about?


Breaking boards in karate has a Japanese name, Tameshiwari. Tameshiwari is an exhibit of the skill a karate practitioner has come to learn. If you aim to master board breaking, then you will focus your efforts on creating force, accuracy, and technique.


There is a point to breaking boards in karate, and you should recognize this. In addition to developing your skill, speed, and strength, breaking boards is a conditioning tool. Board breaking will condition you to give blows without hurting yourself. Your body will adapt to the stress of breaking. You are strengthening your bones, muscle mass, and muscle speed, as well as the skin.


What are the different types of board breaking in karate?


There are three different types of board breaking techniques. You can develop your skills, with each form targetting a different skillset.


The three forms of board breaking in karate are:


  1. Speed breaks – These require you to develop the speed of your attack. The boards are either not or minimally supported. The boards might be falling through the air. 

  2. Power breaks – These require you to develop the power in your attacks. There is a support for the boards, and as your ability develops, you may add more boards to the stack.

  3. Soft breaks – Ki in Japanese, you break the boards using flat hand strikes. The most common type of soft break uses a palm strike.


Board breaking in karate will help you develop your mental fortitude and visualization. When breaking boards, you should visualize your hand going through the board. If your child is learning karate, then they will gradually learn to break boards under close supervision. The aim is to build skills without hurting or injuring your child. Martial Arts UES