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Martial Arts UES : You have unquestionably seen karate students and masters breaking boards. You might have seen board breaking on TV or when you visit a martial arts exhibition. The impressive feat is an excellent way to show off the best skills in martial arts. Because of the exciting nature of board breaking, it’s a popular demonstration in exhibitions. So, what is breaking boards in karate? 


Why break boards in karate?


Breaking boards in karate has a Japanese name, Tameshiwari. Tameshiwari is an exhibit of the skill a karate practitioner has come to learn. It is something that requires a lot of training and practice. Advance skills in karate, such as board breaking, require force, accuracy, and technique.



There is a point to breaking boards in karate, and you should recognize this. In addition to developing your skill, speed, and strength, breaking boards is a conditioning tool. Board breaking will condition you to give blows without hurting yourself. The body will adapt to the stress of breaking. Strengthening your bones, muscle mass, and muscle speed, as well as the skin as a result.


The main reasons breaking boards is part of karate includes: 


Improving speed and accuracy – To break a board or block, the force has to hit in the right spot. You may think you are an active athlete, but the wrong aim is useless. Because of this, breaking blocks in karate helps to improve accuracy. Accuracy is essential, but so is speed. A fast, precise blow to the board is the most effective way of breaking it. Practicing breaking boards helps to improve striking accuracy as a result.


Measuring strike force – We now have accelerometers and other technology to help measure strength, but that wasn’t always the case. By breaking a solid object, karatekas can measure the power of the blow. If you can break a concrete block, you can be sure you are striking hard and effectively.


“My strength, focus, speed, flexibility, and techniques very much improved. Thanks to persistent training and very helpful detail-oriented instructions and feedback from Instructors and Students.” Anya G, West Bronx.



What are the different types of board breaking in karate?



There are three different types of board breaking techniques. You can develop your skills, with each form targeting a different skillset.


The three forms of board breaking in karate are:


  • Speed breaks  
  • Power breaks 
  • Soft breaks 


Speed breaking in karate


When using the speed breaking method, it is the fluidity and rapidness of the move that provides the power. In most board breaking, the material uses a holder to keep it in place. It will either be a person or blocks but not in speed breaking. The board is either in a loose hold, on one side. Other types of speed breaking use no holders at all but are falling or thrown in the air. A very advanced kind of move, the karateka has to break the board before it hits the floor.


Speed breaking requires a lot of practice. A particular strike or kick will work, but it takes a lot of work to get it right. With constant training, you can acquire not only the skill but the speed for this type of board breaking.


Board breaking – power breaks


The object you are going to break is securely in place for executing a power break in karate. It can have a person holding it, but it can also sit on objects for a downward strike. Wooden boards, bricks, or concrete blocks may be in a stack. This type of break requires a lot of kinetic energy to strike and break the object. Accuracy is essential, but power is the main focus of the strike.


Soft breaks


Soft breaks, also called “ki” breaks, tend to use a flat hand strike. Usually, the palm is the striking surface, but the back of the hand can also come into play. This type of karate board breaking relies more on gravity, so it is somewhat easier to do. The object is in a fixed position, and the striker raises the hand and lets it fall. The transference of power goes through a more extensive area, so breaks the board. Because of power transfers over a wide area, it causes more damage.


Will my child break boards in karate?


Board breaking in karate will help you develop your mental fortitude and visualization. When breaking boards, you should visualize your hand going through the board. If your child is learning karate, then they will gradually learn to break boards under close supervision. The aim is to build skills without hurting or injuring your child.


The program we use in kid’s karate classes builds a strong foundation. When a student advances, so they learn and use more advanced techniques. The instructors in Karate City has vast experience teaching children of all ages. The methods of board breaking will only happen at a certain level. Anyone that does practice board breaking in class will have all the necessary training. Techniques, speed, and accuracy come over time, so your child won’t go straight to board breaking. Martial Arts UES