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Martial Arts Family Studio : Combat martial arts



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Martial Arts Family Studio : Combat martial arts have a different intention than traditional martial arts. Taught to military forces around the globe, combat martial arts help military personnel unarm and disable the enemy.


So, what are the different combat martial arts?


The military combat martial arts


Russian Sambo (combat Sambo) is the martial art system that the Russian Military use. Appearing in the 20th century, this martial art is all about hand-to-hand combat. Practitioners learn wrestling, judo, leg locks, takedowns, ground control, and disarming opponents. Also, Sambo focuses on how to use an opponent’s momentum against them. Sports Sambo is an offshoot that has the preliminary recognition of the Olympics.


Krav Maga is the unarmed combat system of the Israeli Defence Forces. It means contact combat, and it aims to deal with realistic situations. Firstly, army personnel learns fighting skills, self-defense, weapons-defense, and tactics. They also learn how to handle multiple attackers and enemies with firearms. Unlike many martial arts, there is no traditional, spiritual, or sporting element.


Systema is the combat martial art of the Spetsnaz Russian special forces. With a history back to the 10th century, the focus is on a healthy body, strong spirit, and combat skills.


Sanshou is the combat system of the Chinese Military. This full-contact sport brings together techniques from kickboxing and wrestling, such as grappling techniques. Meaning unbound hand, there are free fighting rules with full contact punches, kicks, and throws. Takedowns, chokes, arm locks, and kick catches are also part of the combat system.


Jukendo is a Japanese bayonet martial art. Part of the Japanese military training, army personnel, learn bayonet defense and offense, Kata, Kumite, and practice in full armor.


Lerdrit is the Royal Thai Army combat training system. Commandos learn about forward-pressure to off-balance opponents, open-handed strikes, elbows, kicks, knees, and grappling. Many strikes target pressure points to stop the opponent’s ability to fight or kill the opponent. The goal is to do this in the least amount of moves and time. Martial Arts Family Studio