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Kids Karate Manhattan : Karate uses many methods and strategies to create competent practitioners of the sport. A part of training is tactics and strategy for use during sparring. Karate tactics can take many forms. Adapting to an opponent also means changing different tactics for success. How to use tactics in karate will depend on the situation, and here we explore this further.


Tactics in Kumite


When sparring with an opponent, there are lots of things to consider. Having an overall strategy on how to win the match is essential. The strategy is an overall plan, but the tactics are moves that will help achieve that goal. As part of your child’s Karate City training, they will learn effective karate tactics.


Some of the most useful tactics in Kumite include:


  • Observe your opponent

  • Learn their patterns and movements

  • Use these patterns to strategize an attack

  • Adapt the speed and rhythm of your attacks

  • Control the position


By observing an opponent during a match, a fighter can recognize patterns and learn their movements. Profiles allow for a competitor to formulate a plan and find a position for attack. Watching them enables you to determine where they will go next, this is where an effective strike can occur.


Similarly, changing up the speed and rhythms of the attacks will stop an opponent finding a pattern in your fight. Switching tactics, such as using fast and slow moves is a useful strategy. It makes it harder for a sparring partner to guess what you are going to do next. Adapting styles throughout the match also helps the fighter control the position in the ring.


Applying strategy and tactics in karate


The movements and training in class are a method we use to teach karate tactics. Strikes, counterstrikes, and submission moves are themselves tactics. Each step is a way of countering and overcoming the movements of an opponent. It may sound complicated, but your child naturally learns this through the repetition of karate moves in class.


Igor Dyachenko uses teaching methods to help your child develop a strategic mind. They will be able to figure out the best tactics in any situation. This creates an adaptable mind which is useful in class but also in life. Quick-thinking and strategizing will help with problem-solving skills. Kids Karate Manhattan