Karate : How to keep distance in karate ?
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Karate : Distance plays a crucial role in both self-defense and attack during karate competition. So, you will definitely need to know how to keep distance in karate.


Ma-ai is the concept of distance, and it directly translates to fit or space. So distance is about finding a comfortable position from which you can defend or engage in conflict.


You can choose your ideal distance by considering many things. These considerations include your body type, tactics, and training style, as well as your attitude.


How to choose your distance in karate


If your body shape is large and robust, then you may prefer to engage in close combat. If you are short and of light build, then you may want to use speed to close the distance. You can use your agility to attack and move away for self-defense.


If you are tall and facing a short opponent, you may want to create more distance. This brings the advantage of using long-range strikes, while not moving into the striking range of your challenger.


General tips and tactics for keeping your distance in karate


You have much to learn from your journey with karate. As you learn new skills, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. Your strategy may be to put your opponent at a distance that feels off to them.


You will learn how to move forward, backward, and at angles. Regardless of your body shape, it is vital to learn to fight and defend at close, mid, and long-range. Igor Dyachenko and Karate City will teach your child a range of distancing tactics. Your kid will learn skills such as coordination, balance, and agility. Karate