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Karate School Midtown West :  As with many things, there is the “how” and “why” to consider. This is true for karate and the karate belt. So, how do you tie a karate belt, and what does it mean?


There are seven steps to tying a karate belt. Each of these steps symbolizes a more profound meaning:


  1. Hold the karate belt in the middle – The two even halves represent balance. Above all this balance is between mind, body, and technique (Shin Gi Tai).
  2. Wrap the belt around you – The center of the belt should sit below your naval. This symbolizes morals and the skill to give, receive, and end life.
  3. Cross the belt at the back – This reminds us to prepare for those who might, behind our back, cross us.
  4. Bring the belt to the front – This tells us that what goes around comes around.
  5. Cross the belt at the front – This reminds us that what happens behind our back can happen under our noses.
  6. Pull one end down, the other up under the belt – This reminds us of two directions your mind can go. It also reminds us of the importance of striving upwards.
  7. Tie the know tightly – A reminder to always have an indomitable spirit and the strength never to give up.


First of all, the karate belt is a visual indicator of rank. Initially, there was only a two belt system. So, there was a white belt for the student and a black belt for the master. The color system for belts we use today is relatively new, hence coming to the fore in the last century.


The Olympic karate belt color system


You can think of the Olympic karate belt color system as a pattern of growth:


  • White belt – Represents a seed
  • Yellow belt – Represents a sprout
  • Green belt – Represents a stem
  • Blue belt – Represents a tree that grows so it can see the sky
  • Red belt – Represents the fruit so you can taste your results
  • Black belt – Represents strength and the night, which is a symbol of a new day in karate


Karate has nine student grades. Once your child has a black belt, they start a new day. Your child will then cycle to work through the master levels of belts.


Finally, at Karate City, the label of the uniform has to match the label level on the belt. Karate School Midtown West.