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Fitness Midtown West :  Kicks are a well-known part of karate, and it is often the part that draws people to the sport. The intense action of striking an opponent with the leg takes great skill and practice. An effective karate kick draws mainly from technique, but other training helps too. Here we explore how to train the legs in karate and the best exercises. 


Flexibility in karate kicks


One important aspect of karate kicks is flexibility. Stretching regularly and properly will increase your child’s flexibility. At the beginning of the karate class, we do a stretching routine to get the body ready. A karate kick has more effect if you are flexible. Flexible joints can stretch further and therefore create more reach when kicking an opponent. 


We will do several different stretches before starting the training session. One crucial move is the groin stretch because this helps with side kicks. A kneeling groin stretch gives a profound movement in the joint. A lotus position or seated groin stretch is also helpful.


Leg training exercises for karate


A karate kick needs three things. Firstly your child will need flexibility. Secondly, they will learn the proper balance and stance. Thirdly, they will use strength to add power to the kick. All of these things come with time, and regular classes will develop these. However, some exercises will help.

Exercises to train legs for karate include: 

  • Squats

  • Calf raises

  • Kneeling leg raise

  • Lunges

  • Lunge jumps

  • Tuck jumps

  • Wall sit


All of these exercises need no equipment; therefore your child can do them at home easily. The instructor will teach your child how to do each of these moves correctly. Proper instruction in class is essential because it teaches proper technique to avoid injury.


We use slow kicking drills to help improve technique and increase leg strength. As your child practices their karate kicks, they will receive personal instruction on advancing their practice. 


Igor Dyachenko knows how vital consistent training is and teaches this as part of the program. As your child attends the kid’s karate classes, they learn about proper practice. They will develop healthy habits for exercise and fitness as well as learning the many facets of karate. Fitness Midtown West