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Best Karate NYC : Karate is an excellent way of promoting self-discipline and focus. As your child regularly attends kid’s karate classes, you will notice improvements in their behavior. The lessons they will learn are applicable in all aspects of their life. Attending the classes will help, but how do you extend the respect and discipline from the dojo into the home?


Taking lessons from the karate dojo home

In children’s karate, the routines and experiences that we teach help your kid with many things. You will notice:


  • Increase in attention span
  • Better focus
  • More confidence
  • Higher self-esteem


If you find that your child is having trouble in these areas, karate is a great way to help. Martial arts can’t fix every problem, but it provides an excellent framework. As your child grows in their skill in karate, they will learn to use these skills at other times too. However, there may be times when you have difficulties with your child at home. So the lessons of the dojo can be beneficial at home also.


We teach children to be respectful, and this is applicable at all times. Our students are mindful of showing respect to the instructor and other classmates. A reminder of this at home is a useful tool for promoting ethical behavior at all times.


We promote the art of self-defense but do not allow showing off or bragging. If your child displays negative behaviors at home, a reminder of dojo etiquette is helpful.


Promoting discipline at home


The physical activity in karate class is an excellent way of dealing with excess energy.  However, there may be times when your child is not behaving as you would like. Many tools can help with discipline at home. We teach respect and humility, but there may be times when a student forgets this. Some things you can try include:


  • Listening – if a child is acting out, it may be because of something that is upsetting them. Try to make time for sitting down with the kids and listening to any issues they may have. Promoting an environment where we listen to each other will make your child much more likely to turn to you.
  • Set limits – when rules are set firm, it is much easier to enforce them. Tantrums, answering back, or arguing are not acceptable. If this does happen, your child knows that it is not right, so there will be consequences.
  • Give responsibilities – giving your children specific tasks will help them feel productive and a real part of the household. Finishing a job properly helps them feel more capable so that they will act like this more often.

Igor Dyachenko knows that every child is different. The training in karate classes is a significant first step in helping with children’s behavior issues. It helps them in their overall health but has many emotional positives too. Best Karate NYC