After School Program Upper East Side : Why kata is less effective for kids?
After School Program Upper East Side



After School Program Upper East Side : Karate City Parent’s Insights



After School Program Upper East Side :  You may be familiar with the term “kata’ when it comes to karate practice. It is a common form in martial arts; however, we believe this is not the most effective method for kid’s karate. At Karate City, we use the best practices and teaching methods. 


What is Kata?


The word kata means “form” in Japanese. The term refers to a set of movements that form a pattern. In karate, these routines are for practicing alone or together during training sessions. It is a form of practice that helps to perfect karate moves. Repetition of the steps helps to embed them in the memory and make sure of correct position and form.


While this is a conventional way of learning, it is not necessarily ideal for children. At Karate City, we believe in adopting the most effective and modern techniques of teaching. When it comes to success in karate for children, we believe fighting skills and conditioning come first. Athleticism and creating fitness as a foundation will help your child excel in their karate journey.


Placing focus on constant repetition of movements can lead to some children losing interest in the sport. We want your child to enjoy the practice and keep their attention during class. As each child advances in karate, the training adapts to their learning. Up to a black belt level, we use the most modern methods for training. If your child wishes to go further, we will then add kata techniques to the schedule.


Why we teach this way at Karate City



The philosophies and teaching methods of our school come from studying the most effective techniques and extensive experience. Igor is a champion of kata and saw the differences in the competition style. These methods are different from the original purpose of training. The kata is to improve personal protection; however, competition methods of the form achieve the opposite. The restriction of the routine stifles the person and creates a less effective fighter. 


Recognizing this from his experience, Igor uses the best techniques in order not to repeat past mistakes. Looking for the best methods, the program at Karate City creates classes that inspire children to learn. We want each child to embrace the sport and develop their strengths and goals. There are some benefits of practicing the kata, but we implement these at the right time for each child. After School Program Upper East Side