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After school enrichment program Manhattan : Martial arts comparison series



After school enrichment program Manhattan : Muay Thai is becoming more popular among martial arts fans. People who are proficient in a specific martial art often look at others. So, what are the differences between karate and Muay Thai? Here we explore both sports so you can decide on the best activity for your child.


Main differences between karate and Muay Thai


The two styles have very different philosophies, so they look very different too. Some of the main differences between the two sports include:


Muay Thai


  • Training focuses on pad work and technical sparring
  • Full-contact sport
  • Allows punches to head




  • Training consists of kata with a focus on form
  • Not full-contact
  • Does not allow punches to head

In Muay Thai training, there is no kata or set of routine movements. Training consists of a lot of pad work and heavy bag training. Technical sparring is also a big part of Muay Thai. As a person advances in the sport, they move on to full-contact sparring.


During the matches in Muay Thai, you will use full contact so you can defeat an opponent. Powerful strikes and punches are all part of the sport.


Karate uses a mix of methods for training. The Kata is a routine of set movements. Students learn these and practice them during lessons. Sparring is part of karate training, but it’s not full-contact. A karateka will aim a punch or kick but not apply full force.


Which is better for kids?


Muay Thai is incredibly popular, but it is not always the right choice for kids. Force and full-contact are part of the sport, so there is a risk of injury. With Karate, there is more control, and so it’s no contact. Training in kata and no-contact sparring means fewer injuries as a result. The safe and fun practice of martial arts is at the heart of what we do in Karate City. After school enrichment program Manhattan