This is self-defense with particular focus on situations that can affect women, to give you the tools to protect yourself. Our instructors create a program that will help you get away from an attacker. We will teach you how to break away from different types of holds should someone grab you. 


The women-only self-defense class consists of a minimum of ten lessons. If you prefer, we can provide a female instructor if scheduling allows. We offer a safe environment for you to learn to defend yourself. Initially, classes will cover various potential situations that may occur in the street. Subsequently, the courses provide the moves that will help to break out of a hold or defend from the ground.


As the course progresses, you will learn how to perfect these techniques and therefore progress through defensive moves. Advancing with learning more about distance and angling methods will lead to better protection in dangerous situations. Our instructors will help identify strong qualities. As these strengths grow, you will become more confident due to your ability to protect yourself.


Women Self Defense Midtown West
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