Our kid’s karate program is ideal for children starting at 4-years old. Within the 4 to 7-years age group, your kids may be more or less developed than others. This is entirely normal, and our best-in-the-world instructors individualize training for each kid.


We base each kid’s training on their development, their physique, and their skills, as well as experience. If your kid is entirely new to physical education, then we teach them how to exercise and warm-up. Proper breathing and following the instructions from the teachers instill these essential lessons, which become a habit.


This is an all-in-one program for your childhood development. The more classes your kid takes better. Although you should not force them into more classes than they can handle. Your kid requires a minimum of two classes a week in this age group. Your kid has the option to start competitions within this age group. In the US, most tournaments starting age is four.


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