Training together is a great way to encourage healthy habits and reinforce the strong bond of family. Children see their parents as superheroes and will consequently mimic their actions. Therefore, if you make karate training a family habit, you are creating a great example. These classes are excellent for encouraging children that lack motivation. When the whole family participates, everyone has the motivation to join in.


Each family class provides something for all ages. Parents that enjoy adult karate classes will get just as much of a workout during the family class. The course is customizable for each person participating. Parents will get the same great conditioning and training as they get in a private karate class. The exercises have different variations to suit each person in the class.


Participating in karate training as a family helps everyone to progress together. Setting goals and helping each other achieve success is a superb bonding moment. Training targets any areas that need improvement. Both children and adults will enjoy a fun class. Everyone will advance their karate skills as well as improve fitness as a family.


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