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NYC Karate Kids: Karate City Motivation


In NYC, kids at Karate City become Superheroes. Every child dreams of being a superhero. Some parents do too. Children respect and admire their parents. Many dream of being exactly like the heroes they see on Netflix or in the movies, fighting evil and inspiring hope in others. What’s important about every Superhero story is the obstacles they face despite their strength. It’s kind of like a metaphor for living in New York. The city presents many challenges for all of us, at every age. Superheros are an embodiment of that. While we all have a chosen to live here in this city, there are skills that can make life here a bit easier and more manageable. At Karate City, we aim to help all our kids achieve the impossible and strive to be the best versions of themselves.


On a daily basis, we absorb an excessive amount of energy and stimuli. We are grateful to be living in such a vibrant place, but we need to learn certain practices of self-preservation if we are going to make our “New York Experience” a positive one. We all need personal attention and special care––something that is often lacking in such a congested, bustling environment.


As parents and teachers, we set the example, but change really occurs within. We teach our kids how to react and make decisions based on our own principles and morals, but we often ignore the fact that kids love to have fun and exercise. The combination of exercise and discipline at Karate City provides a learning environment that is positive, fun, and free from limitations. The secret to a successful life––especially in New York––is self-confidence and composure. Karate teaches just that, and more. At Karate City, it is our mission to teach kids how to make positive personal decisions while achieving milestones in the healthiest way possible.


Upon entering our dojo, you’ll feel an immediate sense of relaxation. The schooling, homework, and stress of living in this highly competitive world are the burdens we help ease from your child’s life. Through the sport, they learn to love themselves and be patient. Patience is a lost art. Living in this environment can sometimes create energy that is not positive. Bullying in schools and heightened security measures instill fear. It’s a completely different world from the one we imagined for our children. Tackling fear requires a specific skill set, and our Karate assists with every aspect of life on this crazy but beautiful planet. At Karate City we believe that the world is a beautiful place. We believe that everyone is beautiful and that every child is perfect. No matter what is going on outside, Karate City remains the same. The environment never changes. It is always consistent. Children love consistency even though they fight against it like we all do when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. We teach your children to breathe with every kick and and take their time to ensure proper technique.


Learning the proper technique requires patience, understanding, and love. In this way, we teach love and acceptance. Our dojo maintains a high energy environment while sustaining a peaceful haven in the midst of chaos. Children, like adults, are taught different lessons on a daily basis. The classes and instructions from our Sensei help to assist you and your kids. We like to think of everyone who is part of our community as Superheroes. We believe that you are the Superhero to your child and your child is the Superhero of our future. Living as a positive role model for your child is our number one priority. We care, period.


Living as a Superhero isn’t easy, but kids do it effortlessly. They bring a smile to all of our faces. They are honest, courageous and––the definition of a Superhero. Truthful, brave, focused, kind, and strong. We know that your children love you and look towards you for guidance. We see it every time they gaze out from the dojo to your cheering faces. We cheer them on everyday, with every lesson. We believe in your kids. We believe in helping to mold powerful and kind souls.


Our teachers and students all share the same goals: Happiness and stability. We specialize in being an encouraging mentor for your children, but you are the true Superhero who they will always look to for help. Through the Karate discipline, and by achieving levels through the belt system, your child learns the essentials of how to survive in these crazy streets. Your membership ensures another venue for you to invest in your child’s future and health. We work with parents to help in any way we possibly can. Just ask. We provide a healthy environment and open arms. The skills we teach help everyone who practices them maintain dignity and a level head. Our dojo requires a strict adherence to the rule “No Negativity.” We live in positivity and follow through with our promise to guide and teach through the sport of Karate. We love Karate. We love New York. We are all living Superheros. We love the chance to interact with your family and welcome you to our Karate City family. Everyone that walks into our house is welcome. We treat everyone the same. In New York, we all live together. A millionaire sits next to a homeless man on the subway every day. Karate City helps create these core values using our Karate structure.


We provide private lessons for adults, families and children. Our group classes help to form bonds outside of the kids’ normal schooling and socializing. We practice achievement with secure and humble self-confidence. We are attached to the higher principles of living, kindness and upliftment. We want all of our students to be the best version of themselves. We are all what we believe. If you believe that you are a champion you become one. The adults that practice and study with us live by the same principles. A number of our students consider Karate City a home away from home. That makes us smile.


Every Dad is Iron Man and every Mom is Wonder Woman. We understand that. If we all work together we can uplift the globe. The kids are the future. We believe that Karate is an essential life tool. We believe that it assists in creating happiness and stillness. We all do our best in the pursuit of these things. Investing in your children’s life is the greatest gift a parent can offer. Your kids are already champions. We want to help students become the Superheroes of their own future lives. The future is already happening. Each second we exist becomes the past. Karate City in NYC is working to create the future with you.


A commitment to Karate is necessary to see its full effect on a person’s life. With diligent study and practice your kids will learn about themselves, remain composed during stressful situations, and feel great simply being alive. Our students are little warriors. If you haven’t watched our kids in action, you are missing out. It will put a smile on your face. You see them achieving, working together, and improving day by day. You will also see how exercise and health enhances their lives. We love having them in our home. They create positivity and sunshine. The kids are our future. They are the hope and the light of New York.


We really appreciate your faith in us and we take it very seriously. Our doors are always open for conversation and suggestions, as we continue to evolve and change. What do you think about this article, NYC Superhero Karate Kids at Karate City ? Let us know!