Social studies for preschoolers Midtown West : Karate versus Capoeira
Social studies for preschoolers Midtown West



Social studies for preschoolers Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Social studies for preschoolers Midtown West : Plenty of children feel excitement for the opportunity to learn a martial art. Capoeira is undoubtedly eye-catching, but how does it compare to karate, and which is best?


First, let’s take a look at what Capoeira is. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines acrobatics, dance, song, music, and self-defense. In the past, slaves use Capoeira to disguise their practice of fighting.


Capoeira is more of a game that you can play in a circle (Roda) with singing and music. It encourages individual expression and personality, with flashy moves such as cartwheels and handstands. The learning process will build fitness and burn a lot of calories.


However, expertise develops slowing, and you may not be ready for your first belt (Corda) in the first year. It may then take several years to get to the next grading.


Capoeira vs. karate


Capoeira is more than a form of physical exercise. A true practitioner will learn to sing and play instruments, as well. Unfortunately, there is a high injury risk, and practice takes place on a hard floor, so there is no cushioning. Karate is best for children because it takes place in a safe environment. Even sparring and competition only permits soft contact.


“Karate develops the mind along with the body. The defense is first, but setting up your child for success is equally crucial.” – Igor Dyachenko

Just like karate, Capoeira is good for your reflexes, balance, and agility with twisting movements, stretches, bends, and curves. Karate fitness strengthens your whole body. Capoeira strengthens your upper body, including your back, chest, and arms, as well as your shoulders. Social studies for preschoolers Midtown West