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Shotokan Club : In karate, the moves and strikes use lots of different muscles. During a kid’s karate class, your child is taught how to make these moves correctly. They will get lots of exercise in class; however, additional training at home will help. Here we explore the best practices to train the chest for karate.


Chest exercises for karate training


In between the children’s karate classes your kid attends, it is a great idea to exercise at home too. Before doing any training, it is essential to stretch and warm up properly. Training for karate will include lots of muscles; therefore, it’s important to alternate exercises. After training the chest, rest days are essential to avoid burnout or injury.


Some of the best ways to train the chest for karate include:


Isometric push-ups – this type of push up is a combination of a plank and a traditional push-up. To do the exercise, get into a push-up position. Execute a push-up but as you reach the lower position hold the body in place above the floor. Initially, the hold can be for a few seconds, but this can be longer once the move gets easier.


Incline push-ups – regular push-ups are a challenge for some, especially children just starting out. The incline push-up uses less bodyweight, therefore, it is a little easier. It is an excellent way to train the lower chest and can be combined with regular push-ups.


Plyometric push-ups – as your kid progresses in their practice, more advance moves come into play. As they master tricker karate moves, they can move on to harder chest exercises. A plyometric push-up is like a traditional push-up but adds an explosive movement. It can be several different things, but one of the more popular is clap push-ups. At the top of the push-up quickly clap the hands together and put them back into place.


Why chest training is effective in karate


Training the upper body and chest is an excellent method for increasing strength and conditioning the body. Your child will be executing punches and grappling moves in karate class. Strong chest muscles will help with these moves. Regular training in addition to the karate classes, will help in many ways. Not only will it increase fitness, but it will help your child keep up in class.

Igor Dyachenko knows that the best approach for karate training is a full program. During kid’s karate classes, your child will learn how to do these moves correctly. They can use this at home to exercise safely to avoid injury. Shotokan Club