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Self Defense Midtown West :  When attending the kid’s karate classes, your child will wear a uniform. The karate uniform, the Gi, consists of a karate jacket, trousers, and belt. The outfit will have to be clean and ready for each class. Here we give you some tips on how to maintain a karate uniform.


Caring for a karate uniform


A crisp, clean karate uniform not only looks good but also shows a level of respect for the practice. A clean uniform will have that reassuring snap during karate movements. As your child attends each class, their uniform should be clean and worn correctly.  Properly cleaning and maintaining the uniform will make it last and look good for longer.


The physical demands of karate training can cause the uniform to become wet from sweat. If the suit does not undergo regular cleaning, it can become smelly and stained. Here are some tips for caring for a karate uniform:


  • Wash after each training session
  • Check for stains or tears
  • Use a cool wash
  • Do not use bleach


It is essential to wash the uniform after every use. Do not allow your child to leave it in their gym bag and forget about it. Before you clean the uniform, check for any stains or tears that might require attention. Using a cold wash will help to prevent the uniform shrinking during cleaning. While bleach can help to keep things bright white, it can consequently affect any badges or logos. It is best not to use bleach on a karate uniform because of this.


Pressing a karate uniform


Once the uniform is fresh and clean from the washing machine, it is best to hang it to dry. While the tumble dryer may seem more convenient, it can do more harm than good. The heat of a drying cycle may shrink the uniform and cause more wrinkling. 

Stretch the uniform to shape and hang on the line to dry. This will stop the majority of wrinkles from setting into the Gi. If you find it still needs a pressing, you can iron it. Set the iron to the right temperature for the material of the uniform.


After the karate uniform is clean and wrinkle-free, fold it carefully. Handling the suit this way will help to keep it fresh and ready for the next practice. Self Defense Midtown West