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NYC karate world! What’s new? – Written by Jim Saxton for Karate City ©



NYC Karate : Hey! New Yorkers and NYC karate enthusiasts! Unlock your hidden talents with Igor Dyachenko’s methods of karate training, because you can. Hidden talents, soul activation, athleticism, and above all Karate techniques. They are all intertwined. As a result of 30 years of hard work and dedication Igor Dyachenko’s proven method of karate brings out the best in everyone. Certainly, success and happiness aren’t always a simultaneous creation. Rather tapping into oneself is the best source of medicine that we as humans can aspire to take. Igor’s teaching inspires students to reach deep inside of the soul and progress naturally using the sport and Karate City’s modern and advanced techniques. Check the official statistics out at


Shaping our lives through fitness is a common thread that most people these days are chiming into. We all understand the importance of the mind-body connection. The connection to the spirit and body is also crucial to expanding the mind while practicing. Finally, our dojo is that. Expanded. We are evolving within the sport. Advancing as you advance. Creating the you that you always wanted to be.


The words that are coming to mind are surrendered and acceptance. Surrendering to your own limitations allows the student to become limitless. We aim to assist with our advanced system in doing just that. You can achieve anything. Just believe it and see it. Black belt, Blue whichever state you are in. See the color and make it happen. We are creating a beautiful environment of change. The change occurs within first. Live with Sensei and the Sensei is you.


Life has a funny way of delivering us to our chosen paths. Our NYC Karate is a path. A gateway to you. Igor Dyachenko is Sensei. A leader. Meaning he loves. He sees and assists you in your journey, Whatever that journey may be.  He can help. Maybe you’d like to gain confidence, achieve greater success or just need a challenge in your life. Karate City is the place where you can make it happen.  The world is yours.


We believe and preach positivity and breathe it into our students. Today is the day that you can change your life. If you are afraid or in doubt we can help. Living life to the fullest is what it’s all about. Our time here on earth is very precious.  Live. You will begin to see. Live in a different way, if you commit. The commitment is you. We are committed to you and you commit to yourself.


NYC Karate is a gateway to dreams. Within the parameters of the sport, there are limitations. Upon learning the techniques of karate you will unleash your own creative mind and being to use the untapped potential that lies in all of us. We don’t preach it. We live it. Everyone that practices will say this. Because every martial artist believes in this. Also at Karate City, we walk the walk and talk the talk.  The martial arts are just that. We all aim for freedom. Karate City is freedom. The freedom within you will be unleashed. Your hidden talents will be exposed. The person who will be most surprised is you. Igor Dyachenko has perfected his uplifting life skills to serve. The dojo will change your life.


Seeing life through rose-colored glasses is a wonderful way to exist. After practicing for a committed time you will see. Your body will undergo changes in every aspect. Also the physical state will change. Whatever you focus on will become an even greater pleasure. Food will taste differently. You will eat differently. Your body will require different food and substances.


It is a beautiful experience. Being a part of Karate City is feeling great because we are all on the path to continued greatness. Achieving the most out of life. Seeing the stars and practicing what we believe to be a beautiful art form using the sport of Karate and Igor’s techniques.


Surrendering to what your soul truly wants and needs isn’t an easy task. Karate will give you the foundation to build a new home if you wish. A new place to see and live and breathe. You may find love. You may fall in love with the sport as we have. We work as a team engaged in Positivity and enlightenment. Igor ’s karate techniques ascend the soul. Also trigger your potential. Release and fly. All of our student fly. We encourage that. Even more we want to see everyone with wings.


Kicking and punching their way to happiness. Happiness is attainment, not a guarantee. Sometimes you have to fight for it. Sometimes you have the Fight to live your best life. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter and if it were it wouldn’t be worth receiving. You must work hard. At karate City, we work hard. Your feet will feel it. Your achievement will be standing in your own shoes taller and grander. Looking out to the distant horizon with a higher perspective.


NYC Karate makes all feel accomplished. You will be covered in sweat. The fulfillment comes along with the hard work on the dojo floor. Karate is a metaphor for life. Anyone who has had to fight for something will love NYC Karate City. We love life and leave the dojo smiling. Your hunger for life will expand. You’ll expect more and work harder to receive more. Karate is magic The New York lifestyle can be also intense.  Sometimes, let’s be truthful because you need to protect yourself. This can be a dangerous place.


We teach our student that they can protect themselves from within. Fighting is not the answer. The answer is also acknowledging that you can if needed. A seal of sorts will be created around you. You will exude confidence and strength. Your instincts will be sharper and you will move faster, you will grow, and you will be more confident, more alive, more grounded and more respectful of others.


First of all, you will learn the importance of physical space. Creating space for yourself and others as well in this space-challenged city. Living in New York is amazing. Our dojo is continently located on West 60th Street in Columbus Circle. Steps from Whole Foods and convenient to all subway tracks. Also a hop skip and a jump from Central Park.We are the best NYC karate after-school program that you could enroll your kids in. Karate City is the place where you will discover the real you.


The NYC Karate is a talent. A skill. Learned sport. It is a great hobby and life tool. Anyone with athletic aspirations will love it.  It is very challenging. We begin slowly and move at your pace.  The workout is fantastic and upliftings. You will be definitely higher. Live longer and be healthier. out instructors understand how difficult it can be to carve out time for yourself because of busy schedule. But it is necessary to grow.  That is what we do, we help you to grow and love watching our students grow, progress, and achieve. Because we love watching them succeed.


NYC karate people! Unlock your hidden talents with Igor Dyachenko’s method of karate.



Therefore, by practicing and committing to our karate technique you will stay happy and centered. You will feel exponentially better and see yourself more clearly. It will become the best part of your week. You will look forward to coming to class. There is nothing like it. You will be frequenting the gym less. Evermore, spending less time on the treadmill and more time with your family or doing what you really want to do. You will live more freely and see life like a dart board. Just aim and hit the bullseye. Anything you could want to achieve. Anything that you believe is possible. Can be done.


“NYC karate is a dream at Karate City center”



You can become a 10th-degree black belt because every black belt began as a white belt. It’s a proven system for success and positivity. Igor Dyachenko’s educational technology will help you to understand how talented you truly are and unveil the hidden functions that are processing within you. Karate City will kick start and active your life. A new you is waiting. NYC Karate