MMA New York City : How to boost your cardio
 MMA New York City : How to boost your cardio



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MMA New York City : Cardio is essential for improving your karate. Cardio will affect your performance, speed, power, and energy. So, it is vital to know how to boost your cardio.


If you or your child are entering Kumite competitions, then cardio will become even more critical. You will need the energy to perform through three-minute rounds. You will also need to prepare to rest and recover, before commencing the next three-minute round.


How to improve your endurance, cardio, and efficiency


Here we highlight several different ways to improve your cardio:


Do more karate – The more karate lessons you attend each week, the better your cardio will become. At a beginner’s level, many karatekas attend two classes per week. Three classes are better and will help you gain self-defense skills more quickly while improving your cardio. Once you or your child advance to an intermediate level, you will begin sparring. Sparring itself is excellent for building stamina.


Bike and swim – Regular biking and swimming will boost your cardio. We mention them here because they are low impact activities on your knees, which many find advantageous.


Train using the high-intensity interval training method – This will boost endurance and improve cardio. The idea is to push hard at an activity for a period of time. You then rest or perform the activity at a slower pace. You will then repeat this several or many times over. Sprint interval training is excellent, and you use an intense burst of activity, recover, and repeat. Sprints will also burn fat and increase your muscle strength.


Go hill running – This activity improves strength and stamina. Exerting vast amounts of energy, this is an anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercises go far more beneficial than aerobic exercises like jogging.


Skip – Jumping rope works your arms and legs, improves your timing, and your hand-eye coordination. Your agility, rhythm, and speed all get better. Also, you can use variations such as high knees, side steps, crosses, and doubles.

Cardio and karate are hugely advantageous for health and wellbeing. You will increase the strength of your heart and boost the capacity of your lungs. Are you ready to boost your cardio? MMA New York City