Martial Arts New York City: How Much Do Children Have to Exercise?
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Martial Arts New York City : How to prepare a child for training by Igor Dyachenko 


Martial Arts New York City : I am often asked how many times you need to perform this or that exercise. The child must do as many times as he can. The maximum plus two times, so that the muscles build up and become stronger.


If a child performs an exercise for the first time, then you will have to help him until he gains his strength and starts doing the exercise on his own. With every day, his performance should improve, and you should see the progress.


When performing exercises, try to create a pleasant atmosphere with a sense of humor, with a smile, with a laugh, and with excitement. You can skip those exercises that are super easy for your child and concentrate on those exercises that are more difficult. Our exercises stimulate the start of the hand-eye coordination, which in turn spurs on all other processes, such as speech development, thought process development, and control of the behavior.


Martial Arts New York City believes that the more we give children new exercises that they have never done before, the more exercises will be in their experience, the more coordination will be in their experience, the more neural connections will develop, and the more manageable the child’s behavior will become.